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I'm Melissa Herbert. You know that friend who's your go-to guru when it comes to latest fashion buzzes or new skincare gem? Yep - That's me! An all-round lover of everything chic and stylish with ample knowledge packed into my brain that’s just bursting to share! From ultra-fresh styles gracing the runways around the world to celebrity get-ups turning heads at every red carpet event – my obsession knows no bounds. And let’s not forget city sidewalks are my everyday catwalk! Yet my passions don’t end there: Skincare is a BIG deal for me too; believe me when I say nothing beats fresh-looking skin radiating natural beauty. But style & glamour can take their toll so self-care & wellness are must-haves on our journey together ‒ after all aren’t we supposed to feel as great as we look? Welcome aboard – To where aesthetic meets holistic.