Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London 2023

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Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London

Ever thought of sipping tea while whizzing past London's iconic landmarks? Well, I did, and oh boy, what an exhilarating experience!

London, the heart of Britain, with its regal charm and buzzing streets, demands to be savoured in style. While I love strolling along the Thames or getting lost in Covent Garden, experiencing the city from a double-decker bus, tea in hand, was simply… splendid!

I recall that crisp afternoon, nestled comfortably on the “Afternoon Tea Bus“, watching the Tower Bridge approach. As I sipped on my Earl Grey, a feeling of pure nostalgia washed over me. And then there was the “Paddington Bear Afternoon Tea Bus“. I mean, scones, tea, and a trip down memory lane? What's not to love?

One moment that sticks out? Cruising by Kensington Palace while enjoying a Royal High Tea. I felt like royalty, if only for a few hours.

Each bus tour was a fusion of flavours, sights, and memories. One moment I'm passing by the majestic Buckingham Palace, the next, I'm giggling at an inside joke shared with a fellow passenger.

But here's a thought: Why hear it from me when you can experience it yourself? Ready to uncover London's gems, teacup in hand? Which tea-infused journey will you embark on first?

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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London

Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in LondonName
Perfect for River LoversLondon: Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames
For a Bubbly TwistLondon: Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco
Classic Experience EnthusiastsLondon: Classic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
For Royal Garden LoversLondon: Kensington Palace Gardens Tour with Royal High Tea
Iconic Museum GoersAfternoon Tea at the British Museum
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My Personal Escape in the Heart of London: Sip, Savor, and Sightsee with Afternoon Tea Bus Tours!

London: Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 (611 Reviews) | πŸ“ Location: London, United Kingdom | πŸ‘‰ Check Availability

London Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco
Credit: Tour Provider

A Toasty Tour in Double Decker Delight

Discover a memorable afternoon tea experience on wheels! Marvel at London’s iconic sites from a classic double-decker bus, all while savouring delectable sweet and savoury nibbles. And what better to accompany the English tradition than a bubbly glass of Prosecco?

A Day on the English Tea Bus

I’ll admit, the thought of sipping Prosecco on a moving bus through London's streets raised an eyebrow, but it turned out to be the gem of my trip. As the wheels of the “English Tea Bus” started moving, my senses were immediately tantalised by the array of finger sandwiches and the sparkling prosecco. Each bite of the savoury delight was complimented by iconic views like the Coca-Cola London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. By the time we passed the Tower of London, I was on a euphoric high, sipping my Prosecco and taking in the city's grandeur.

The staff? Oh, they were the cherries on top! Attentive, warm and ever so pleasant. I remember how they joined in to sing for a birthday girl onboard, filling the entire bus with joy and laughter. If you ever get the chance, choose a seat on the upper deck. The views are unparalleled! And if you’re debating whether or not to enjoy that second glass of Prosecco, let me help you – do it. Why not?

Don't Just Hear About It, Experience It!

There's magic in every corner of London, but only a select few get to toast with Prosecco while journeying through its streets. So, will you be one of the enchanted few?

Essential Tour Information

Duration1.5 hours
Price€ 56.74 per person
InclusionsAfternoon tea, Prosecco, live guide, seating
Meeting PointGolden Tours Stop 1
COVID-19 PrecautionsSpecial measures in place
Not Suitable ForWheelchair users

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for the upper deck if available; the views are unmatched.
  • Don't hesitate to chat with the staff; they have the best stories about London.
  • If you’re a vegetarian, remember to confirm your menu choice 72 hours in advance.

A Glimpse from Another Traveller: “Excellent service! The food was delicious and the staff were simply the best. My friend's birthday was celebrated with the whole bus singing to her and a delightful prosecco refill.” -Paulina, Netherlands

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London: Classic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 (179 Reviews) | πŸ“ Location: Central London | πŸ‘‰ Check Availability

London Classic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

A Quintessentially British Affair

Experience the charm of London from a double-decker bus, sipping a traditional cup of tea! This unique tour combines the elegance of an authentic afternoon tea with the marvel of Central London's iconic sights. As you indulge in delectable sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, the city's historic treasures, from Big Ben to Hyde Park, unfold before your eyes.

A Day to Remember in London's Heart

The skies were a bit grey when I hopped onto the bus – typical London, right? But the instant warmth of the tea and the friendly chatter around immediately lifted the atmosphere. Who knew touring the bustling streets of London with a cuppa in hand could be so enchanting? Each bite of the dainty sandwiches and pastries felt like savouring a piece of London’s culture. We passed by The Royal Albert Hall, and the guide shared an anecdote about its iconic dome; I was utterly charmed! And then, Downing Street appeared, with its rich history. It was as if the city was revealing its secrets to me over tea. Have you ever felt connected to a city like that?

Your Adventure Awaits

Dive into a world where English tradition meets London’s vibrant culture. Every corner turned, a story revealed; and all while sipping the finest tea. You won't know the magic until you're there, tea in hand, amidst the heartbeat of London.

Tour Details at a Glance

Price€ 69.47 per person
Duration1.5 hours
InclusionsFood, hot drinks, music, English audio guide
Not Suitable ForChildren under 5, wheelchair users, nut allergies

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Best Seat in the House: Opt for a window seat if you can, it elevates the sightseeing experience.
  • Dress Cosy: Even in summer, it can be a tad breezy. A light sweater does the trick!
  • Arrive Early: Some starting points, like Victoria Coach Station, can be a tad tricky to navigate.
  • Dietary Notes: If you have specific needs, ensure you notify in advance. They're pretty accommodating!

Review from a Guest: “The bus is a hoot! Absolutely fabulous and well worth a trip. The afternoon tea was delicious and the range of teas and coffees on offer was brilliant. The guide sprinkled in key facts while we also jammed to some 80's music. A delightful afternoon out!” – Louise, UK.

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London: Paddington Bear Afternoon Tea Bus with Audio Guide

⭐️ Rating: 4.4/5 (1,531 reviews) | πŸ“ Location: Central London | πŸ‘‰ Check Availability

London Paddington Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Audio Guide
Credit: Tour Provider

The Best of British Tradition Meets Childhood Charm

Hop aboard London’s iconic Routemaster double-decker bus, and take a delightful journey through the heart of the city. As it cruises past grand landmarks, indulge in a whimsical Paddington-themed afternoon tea, sip on unlimited hot drinks, and immerse in audio-video tales of Paddington’s escapades.

A Nostalgic Adventure in the City

The afternoon sun was casting a warm glow over London as I climbed aboard the vintage Routemaster bus. A sense of nostalgia washed over me; I was about to relive my childhood love for Paddington Bear, but with the mature pleasure of afternoon tea. The table was set with elegant teacups and plates bearing cute illustrations of our beloved bear.

Munching on scrumptious scones and sipping my Earl Grey, I caught sight of Big Ben, standing tall and magnificent. And as the audio guide narrated Paddington's adventures at these iconic spots, I couldn't help but feel like a child again, laughing at his mischief. The delectable assortment of savouries and cakes, each themed around Paddington's stories, added to the magic. Who knew Hyde Park could feel more enchanting with a marmalade sandwich in hand?

Every twist and turn through the city brought a new tale and treat. And while I was lost in this delightful world, the bustle of Piccadilly Circus, the grandeur of St. Paul's Cathedral, and the historic charm of Downing Street passed by my window. It was the perfect blend of London's rich history and the playful tales of a bear from Peru.

Don't Just Dream, Experience!

Imagine sipping tea, relishing cakes, and journeying with Paddington through the streets of London. This isn't just a tour; it's a heartwarming experience waiting for you.

Tour Details at a Glance

Duration2 hours
Meeting PointGrand Hotel (near Charing Cross Train Station)
PriceFrom €81.05 per person
InclusionsRoutemaster bus tour, Full afternoon tea, Unlimited hot drinks, Audio and video guide
Age LimitNot suitable for children under 5
AccessibilityOnly foldable wheelchairs with prior notice

Exclusive Insights from My Journey

  • Arrive a bit early at the meeting point; it's a great photo-op with the bus!
  • Choose a window seat for the best views and photo moments.
  • Listen closely to the guide, Paddington's tales are woven with London's history.
  • If you have dietary restrictions, inquire ahead – they might have alternatives.

Guest Review: “An enchanting journey through London with the charm of Paddington Bear. The afternoon tea was delectable, and the stories were heartwarming. A must-do!” – Sophia, Australia.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London

In all my travels, I've realized that London's afternoon tea bus tours bring out the city's elegance in the most delightful way. Hopping aboard, savouring delectable treats, and seeing iconic landmarks from a cosy double-decker bus is an experience unparalleled. The allure of a classic afternoon tea combined with London's architectural wonders truly is a feast for the senses. Each tour offers its unique charm, whether it's a glass of bubbly or the whisper of royal tales. I'm always thrilled to share this quintessential British gem, hoping you'll relish it as much as I do on every trip.

FAQs about Best Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London

Which London bus tour offers the best afternoon tea experience?

While each bus tour offers its distinct charm, many travellers and I adore the “Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco.” It combines a classic tea experience with a touch of luxury.

How long is the Classic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour?

The Classic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour lasts 1.5 hours. It's a delightful journey that seamlessly blends London's sights and the tradition of afternoon tea.

Are there any themed afternoon tea bus tours available?

Absolutely! One of my personal favourites is the “Paddington Bear Afternoon Tea Bus with Audio Guide.” It's a delightful 2-hour tour that evokes childhood memories.

Is there an afternoon tea experience near the river?

Yes, the “Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames” lets you savour your tea while cruising London's iconic river for 1.5 hours. It's a refreshing twist to the usual bus tour.

How much should I expect to pay for an afternoon tea bus tour in London?

Prices vary based on the experience. For instance, the “Afternoon Tea at the British Museum” starts from € 38.21 per person. You can choose according to your budget and preferences.

Are there any new afternoon tea bus tours that have recently been introduced?

Yes, the “Wizard Afternoon Tea at The Wands and Wizard Exploratorium” is a new 105-minute activity that promises a magical experience. Perfect for wizarding fans like myself!

Can I combine a sightseeing tour with my afternoon tea bus experience?

Certainly! Options like the “London: National Gallery Guided Tour and Afternoon Tea” offer a comprehensive 3-hour experience, blending art, history, and tea into a single memorable adventure.

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