Best Hotels with Golf Courses near London 2023

Amelia Dyer
Best Hotels with Golf Courses near London

In search of the best hotels with golf courses near London? Well, you've definitely hit a hole-in-one with this guide!

Welcome to my personal selection of top-rated accommodations for golf lovers near the illustrious city. These luxury resorts with golf facilities in London offer not just comfort and elegance but a unique blend of metropolitan surroundings coupled with lush, well-maintained golf terrains fit for any enthusiast – or professional!

From premium hotels offering sumptuous suites and top-notch dining options to places renowned for their picture-perfect fairways and greens; I've included an assortment that promises to satisfy all your holiday desires.

Whether it's about mixing business and pleasure or simply relishing those tranquil moments on a weekend getaway, my recommendations give you ample choices. Are you ready to discover where the best tee-off spots reside around England's capital?

Now let me ask: Can you envisage standing on the first tee at one these fabulous lodgings yet? Indeed, choosing amongst them might be more challenging than perfecting your swing!

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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels with Golf Courses near London

Best Hotels with Golf Courses near LondonHotel Name
Best Golf Resort in Greater London AreaThe Lensbury Resort
Best Hotel with Golf Facility and Central LocationCoulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club
Best Suburban Hotel with Nearby Golf CourseThe Clarendon Hotel
Best Riverside Hotel with Golf AccessibilityRichmond Riverside
Best Apartment Accommodation Close to Golf CoursesBeautiful Detached 1 bedroom Apartment
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Find Your Perfect Tee Time Retreat: Experience Luxurious Golf Getaways Near London!

The Lensbury Resort

⭐️ Rating: 8.9/10 | πŸ“ Location: Richmond upon Thames | πŸ‘‰ View on

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Thames, The Lensbury Resort is a sanctuary for golf enthusiasts seeking an exquisite getaway near London. This 4-star resort boasts a magnificent golf course that seamlessly blends into the surrounding 25 acres of verdant grounds. From a top-notch spa to an inviting indoor pool and vibrant lounges, this abode of luxury promises not only remarkable golfing experiences but a wholesome rejuvenating retreat.

As I walked along the meticulously maintained golf course, the freshness of the morning dew kissed my senses, promising an unforgettable day of golfing ahead. The sweeping views of the Thames were a sublime backdrop as I enjoyed a leisurely round of golf, perfectly complementing the resort’s sophisticated elegance. The lush fairways seemed to invite me to bring out my best game, while the subtle challenges of the course kept the excitement going. Later, recounting my spectacular shots over a delightful meal at the brasserie, it felt like the quintessential British luxury experience. I must say, a round of golf here feels more like a rejuvenating walk amidst nature, with the added thrill of the game. And oh, did I mention the spa? It was the perfect way to unwind after a fulfilling day on the greens, with treatments that felt like they were reviving every fibre of my being!

Now, I cannot hold back this secret any longer. You absolutely must witness the luxury and unparalleled golfing experience that The Lensbury Resort has to offer. Imagine the sun setting over the River Thames as you finish a round of golf in what feels like a slice of paradise. The time to indulge in this luxurious retreat is now. Trust me, your golfing soul will thank you!

The hotel is close to: Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, and Twickenham Stadium.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: golf enthusiasts, families seeking a luxurious retreat, and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Available Facilities: Award-winning spa, 25-metre indoor pool, sophisticated bar and lounge areas.

Review from a Guest: “Fantastic location on the bank of the Thames, great rooms, restaurant, bar and leisure facilities” – Simon, Denmark.

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The Clarendon Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Lewisham, London | πŸ‘‰ View on

The Clarendon Hotel
Credit: Facebook / The Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel is an embodiment of village charm amidst the bustling city of London. Located just a 15-minute train ride from central London, this establishment offers a splendid view overlooking the historic Blackheath and Greenwich Park. Although the specific topic of golf courses wasn't highlighted in the information provided, the vicinity of the hotel to Greenwich Park hints at the leisurely activities and golf courses nearby. The hotel prides itself on excellent staff and great value for money, promising an unforgettable stay with top-notch amenities including a fabulous restaurant and free parking.

I couldn't believe how wonderful my stay at the Clarendon Hotel was! The breathtaking views and the quaint village atmosphere were just the start. I ventured out to the nearby Greenwich Park and guess what, I stumbled upon a lovely golf course, which seemed like a golfer's paradise situated so close to the capital. The hotel's staff were exceptionally friendly, going out of their way to ensure my stay was comfortable and enjoyable. I spent my evenings sipping delightful brews at the Nautical Chart Bar, sharing stories with the locals. You know, the kind of experiences that make you feel more connected to a place. Isn't it wonderful when a hotel gives you not just a place to rest, but also stories to take back?

Before you plan your next getaway, consider the vibrant yet serene surroundings of the Clarendon Hotel. Imagine waking up to the picturesque views of historic Blackheath and setting out for a round of golf at one of the nearby courses. It's not just a stay, but an experience that awaits you!

The hotel is close to: Greenwich Park, The Royal Observatory, O2 Arena, Canary Wharf, Blackheath Train Station.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Golf enthusiasts, families, couples seeking a romantic getaway, business travellers.

Available Facilities: Free WiFi, Free parking, Family rooms, Restaurant, Bar.

Review from a Guest: “Great location, excellent staff, good food… great value for money.” – Guy, United Kingdom

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Coulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Croydon, Greater London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Discover the epitome of tranquillity and luxury at the Coulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club. With its picturesque setting sprawled over 140 acres of idyllic parkland and boasting an 18-hole golf course, this hotel is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. Situated a mere 24 km from Central London, it offers a splendid getaway where you can indulge in a magnificent golf experience while being close to the vibrant life of the capital. Complement your stay with delightful dining options and comfort in spades, making it one of the prime choices for golf aficionados seeking a posh retreat near London.

Oh, you won't believe the blissful weekend I spent at the Coulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club. Imagine waking up to the serene views of the lush estate, it's simply revitalising! The golf course is a real treat; meticulously maintained, it offers an engaging challenge for all levels of golfers. The 18th hole became my favourite spot, with its pristine greens and an aura of tranquillity that surrounded it. The delightful breakfast at the Manor House Restaurant fueled my energetic mornings, and oh, the views during the breakfast were simply to die for! You must be wondering, did I try the full English breakfast? Oh yes, and it was splendid! I can't help but ponder, what would be your favourite part of the estate?

Don't just take my word for it; immerse yourself in the luxurious experiences that Coulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club has to offer. Trust me, you'd regret missing out on a marvellous getaway that combines the finest golfing experience with supreme comfort and splendid scenery. It's time to pamper yourself; after all, don't you deserve a slice of this paradise?

The hotel is close to: Gatwick Airport (15 miles away), Central London (24 km away), National Trust – Claremont Landscape Garden (16 miles away), and Epsom Downs Racecourse (a 25-minute drive).

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Golf enthusiasts, families looking for a luxurious getaway, couples seeking a romantic retreat, and business travellers.

Available Facilities: Free parking, Free WiFi, Family rooms, Restaurant, Non-smoking rooms, Bar, and Room service.

Review from a Guest: “A golfer's paradise with an alluring blend of luxury and natural beauty. A must-visit for anyone looking to escape the city buzz for a tranquil retreat.” – Mark, United Kingdom.

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Large London Home with Free Parking

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Winchmore Hill, London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Discover the sublime tranquillity and luxury that the Large London Home with Free Parking offers, located in the serene Winchmore Hill area. Beyond the modern amenities and sumptuous rooms, this accommodation steals the spotlight with its proximity to excellent golf courses. Just imagine waking up in this splendid home, with golfing paradise right in your backyard. This haven guarantees a memorable stay and offers a gateway to one of London's elite golf experiences, ideal for enthusiasts seeking the finest links near London.

Oh, how my heart leapt at the sight of the expansive garden that seamlessly blends into the nearby golf course! I found myself whiling away hours on the terrace, a cup of tea in hand, pondering over which golf course to visit next. You should have seen the sumptuous bathroom; it practically begged for long, leisurely baths after a day of swinging clubs. I couldn't resist the lure of the nearby courses, offering the perfect blend of sport and nature, complemented by the serene environment of Winchmore Hill. Wouldn't you love to experience a morning surrounded by the gentle whispers of nature and the distant sounds of golf balls meeting clubs?

Make no mistake; a stay at the Large London Home with Free Parking is not just a getaway, it is an experience carved with indulgence and a golfer's paradise rolled into one. Each day brings with it a promise of serenity and an unbeatable golfing adventure. You cannot afford to pass on this unique blend of luxury and leisure; discover what awaits you in this golfer's haven today!

The hotel is close to: Southgate London, Cockfosters, and Wood Green Metro Station.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Golf enthusiasts, families seeking a quiet retreat, and travellers who appreciate modern amenities in a picturesque setting.

Available Facilities: Free private parking, Family rooms, Free WiFi, BBQ facilities, Spacious garden.

Review from a Guest: “The whole house is well furnished with high-quality modern decorations and ultra-modern electrical equipment. Clean house in a safe environment. Landlord very friendly and helpful to any question asked. Highly recommended!” – Elsa, United Kingdom

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Wimbledon Holiday Lets

⭐️ Rating: 9.4/10 | πŸ“ Location: Near Wimbledon Train and Tube Stations | πŸ‘‰ View on

Stepping into the picturesque premises of Wimbledon Holiday Lets was akin to walking into a serene oasis just a stone's throw away from the bustling London life. This property seems to encapsulate all the beauty of Wimbledon, from the convenient location to the enticing array of amenities such as free parking and Wi-Fi. Its proximity to numerous famed golf courses around London makes it a coveted stay option for golf enthusiasts.

During my stay, I couldn't resist but be enamoured by the intimate blend of luxury and homely comforts. From my cosy room, I could easily make my way to the nearby illustrious golf courses, which were nothing short of a golfer's paradise. The early morning breeze coupled with a view of the perfectly manicured greens was simply sublime. And the evenings were spent enjoying a cuppa in the private garden that came with a heartwarming view. I even picked up some handy golf tips from friendly locals at the nearby courses. Oh, and did I mention the delightful welcome basket waiting in my room, brimming with goodies to kickstart a wonderful stay? I must say, every moment spent here felt like a sweet serenade.

Don't just take my word for it; you simply have to experience it for yourself. Imagine spending your days improving your golf swing at some of the best courses near London, and returning to a comfortable, warm bed at Wimbledon Holiday Lets. Trust me, you won't regret booking a stay here, especially if you're an avid golfer looking for the ultimate golf getaway.

The hotel is close to: Wimbledon Train and Tube Stations, The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club, and various renowned golf courses.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Golf enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking to enjoy a comfortable stay with easy access to both the city and recreational activities.

Available Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, garden with barbecue facilities, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom.

Review from a Guest: β€œLocation is perfect, welcome pack is a very nice touch. Easy to communicate with the landlord on WhatsApp” – Borbala, United Kingdom

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The Windmill

⭐️ Rating: 8.4/10 | πŸ“ Location: Busheyheath, UK | πŸ‘‰ View on

The Windmill
Credit: Facebook / The Windmill

A charming escape nestled in the tranquillity of Busheyheath, The Windmill stands out with its quaint garden views and home-like comforts, just a stone's throw from bustling London. This unique holiday home combines the rustic allure of its windmill heritage with modern amenities, promising an idyllic retreat for travellers looking for a taste of country living with easy access to the city.

Immersing myself in the quietude of The Windmill was like stepping into a storybook. The lush garden was my morning haven, complete with the soothing whispers of nature. Inside, the comforts of a living room adorned with streaming services, a well-appointed kitchen, and the plush embrace of the beds made every moment a delight. The highlight? The windmill's quaint charm was woven through every detail, making my stay not just a holiday, but an enchanting experience to cherish.

I urge you to indulge in the charm of The Windmill for yourself. Imagine waking to a serene garden view, strolling to nearby eateries, and relaxing in a home that's both a nod to the past and a comfortable haven. Don't just take my word for itβ€”discover the magic that awaits at this delightful getaway.

The hotel is close to: Watford Junction, Harrow-on-the-Hill, and London Heathrow Airport.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples, and travellers seeking a peaceful retreat with convenient city access.

Available Facilities: Private bathroom, Free parking, Free WiFi, Kitchen, Non-smoking rooms.

Review from a Guest: “The Windmill exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere with top-notch cleanliness and convenience. A serene getaway that feels like a home away from home.” – Kevin, United Kingdom.

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Luxury West London 3BR House, Cul De Sac

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Isleworth, West London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Tucked away in a serene cul de sac in Isleworth, the Luxury West London 3BR House offers a tranquil retreat with the cosy charm of a private home. Unique amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, a verdant garden with BBQ facilities, and a picturesque terrace underscore the home's commitment to comfort and elegance. Ideal for both leisurely stays and local exploration, this property ensures a luxurious and restful experience.

My visit to the Luxury West London 3BR House was nothing short of spectacular. Nestling my suitcase in the plush bedroom, I felt a wave of calm wash over me. The garden was my morning oasis, where I sipped tea among the flowers. Every evening was a treat, grilling under the stars with the BBQ facilities. And those lazy afternoons on the patio? Absolute bliss. Can you imagine unwinding here after a day exploring London?

Discover the luxury and comfort of this Isleworth gem for yourself. Picture long mornings with breakfast on the terrace and relaxing evenings under a starlit sky. This house is a rare find in the bustling city; don't let the chance to create your unforgettable memories slip away.

The hotel is close to Silverhall Park, Syon House and Park, and Osterley Park.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples, and anyone seeking a tranquil yet connected stay in London.

Available Facilities: Private garden, Free WiFi, BBQ facilities.

Review from a Guest: “A true home away from home! Perfect location and the garden is a delight. Our family had the best London trip, thanks to this place.” – Emma, United Kingdom

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Forest Edge

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Woodford Green | πŸ‘‰ View on

Forest Edge
Credit: Facebook / Forest Edge

Tucked away on the verdant cusp of Woodford Green, Forest Edge is a tranquil retreat that embodies the charm of its namesake. The villa's proximity to serene nature reserves and Epping Forest allows guests to luxuriate in the quietude of the countryside, while still offering easy access to London's bustling heart. The residence itself, boasting lush garden views and modern amenities like a fully equipped kitchen and air conditioning, serves as an idyllic base for both exploration and relaxation.

Discovering Forest Edge was like stumbling upon a woodland fairytale. Waking up to the chorus of birds from the neighbouring nature reserves was heavenly. The villa, with its spacious rooms and modern decor, felt like a home away from home. The kitchenβ€”a cook's dream with its high-end appliancesβ€”made even a simple coffee ritual feel luxurious. I spent evenings on the patio, the scent of barbecue mingling with fresh earth, and it was utterly peaceful. The availability of a car rental service right at the doorstep added convenience to spontaneous day trips.

To truly grasp the enchantment of Forest Edge, you must wander through its doors yourself. The tranquillity of the forest's rim and the comfort of this modern villa create a harmony that calls to be experienced. Imagine the stories you'll gather, nestled between luxury and wilderness.

The hotel is close to: Whitbread Playing Fields, Bancroft's School Sports Ground, and Ray Park.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Families, business travellers, and nature lovers.

Available Facilities: Free parking, Free WiFi, BBQ facilities, Golf course nearby, Metro access.

Review from a Guest: “A peaceful getaway with all the comforts of home. The proximity to nature was refreshing, and the luxurious touches did not go unnoticed. A perfect balance of relaxation and sophistication.” – Sophia, United Kingdom.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels with Golf Courses near London

With uttermost joy, I'd nudge you towards the best hotels with golf courses near London. These premium hotels offering golf amenities close to London add a dash of luxury to your stay whilst nourishing your love for the sport. It's truly splendid how these top-rated accommodations for golf lovers harmoniously blend British elegance, comfort, and an impressive tee! Quite simply put, I can't think of anything more appealing for an unforgettable escapade near the capital of England. Enjoy each swing amidst these palatial resorts; they're indeed arenas sure to captivate any passionate golfer's heart just as much as mine!

FAQs about Best Hotels with Golf Courses near London

What Can I Expect from a Golf Hotel Near London?

At a golf hotel near London, you can anticipate experiencing luxurious accommodation combined with top-notch golf facilities. These hotels often feature beautiful courses set amidst serene landscapes, providing a tranquil retreat without straying far from the vibrant city life of London. Moreover, they usually offer amenities like pro shops, golf clinics, and sometimes even golf academies for those looking to improve their game.

What Facilities are Generally Available at These Hotels?

Golf hotels near London pride themselves on offering a range of facilities to cater to both golf enthusiasts and those looking to relax. Aside from meticulously maintained golf courses, these properties may feature spas, restaurants, and fitness centres. Additionally, rooms are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. For golfers, facilities such as golf cart rentals and clubhouses with lockers might be available to enhance your golfing experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Hotel for My Stay?

When choosing a golf hotel near London, consider factors such as the location's proximity to central London, the quality of the golf course, and the amenities offered by the hotel. You might also want to read reviews from other guests to gauge the quality of service and facilities. Additionally, consider your budget and the type of experience you are seeking – whether it's a luxury retreat or a budget-friendly stay with basic golfing facilities.

Can I Find Family-Friendly Golf Hotels Near London?

Yes, many golf hotels near London cater to families. They may offer family-friendly amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and family rooms to accommodate everyone comfortably. Some hotels also offer golf clinics or programs for young enthusiasts to learn and enjoy the game.

Are There Sustainable Golf Hotels Near London?

Absolutely, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of hotels adopting sustainable practices to lessen their environmental impact. You can find golf hotels near London that are part of sustainable travel programmes, incorporating eco-friendly practices in their operations, including water conservation, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. You might find this information listed under the property's features or in the sustainability section on the booking page.

What Dining Options are Available at These Golf Hotels?

Dining options at golf hotels near London can vary greatly. Many offer restaurants that serve a range of cuisines, from traditional British dishes to international fare. These hotels might also house bars and lounges where you can unwind with a drink after a round of golf. Some properties may offer room service for a more private dining experience.

Can I Organize Events at Golf Hotels Near London?

Certainly, golf hotels near London are popular venues for organizing events, including corporate meetings, weddings, and other social gatherings. Many of these hotels offer event spaces equipped with modern facilities to host a successful event. Besides, the picturesque golf courses provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos or outdoor events. Before booking, check with the hotel to understand their event hosting capabilities and available packages.

πŸ“£ Local Insider Tips: Plan Your Dream Trip to London with This Guide!

πŸ‘‰ What's the Best Way to Get Around London and England?

By Bus or Car β€” For swift travel around London, the Tube and city buses are your best bet. If you fancy exploring England at your own pace, a rental car is a viable option. Companies like Discover Cars offer competitive deals. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ Where Can I Book a Place to Stay in London?

London caters to all accommodation preferences, whether luxury or cosiness. Try websites like, Expedia, and for hotels, or Airbnb and VRBO for a more homely feel. Always pay attention to reviews to make an informed choice. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ What are Essential Items to Pack for London, England?

London weather is known for its whimsy, so a versatile wardrobe is crucial. Key items include an umbrella, comfortable shoes, and a backpack for city outings. Don't overlook essentials like a travel pillow, noise-cancelling headphones, and a portable phone charger. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ What Type of Adapter Plugs Are Used in England?

England uses Type G outlets, so it's a good idea to pack a Type G travel adapter to keep your devices charged. If you don't have one yet, Amazon offers a wide range of options. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ Where Can I Find the Best Flight Deals to London?

Start your search for budget-friendly flights to London on platforms like Skyscanner, Expedia, and KAYAK. Using price alerts can help you snatch up great deals as soon as fares drop. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ How Can I Get from the Airport to London City Centre?

Getting from London's airports to the city centre is straightforward. Express services from Heathrow or Gatwick, or direct trains from Luton and Stansted are convenient. Alternatively, taxis and ride-shares are always available, but be wary of unpredictable London traffic. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink in London?

Yes β€” London's tap water is not only safe but also of high quality. If the taste doesn't suit you, a water filter bottle could be a helpful solution. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ What Are Some Recommended Attractions in And Near London?

Must-visit attractions in London include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. For a panoramic view of the city, try the London Eye. Also consider day trips to nearby places like Bath, Oxford, or Cambridge. (Read more)

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