Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London 2023

Amelia Dyer
Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London

Looking for the best hotels with private hot tubs in London? Let me guide you through. There's something uniquely luxurious about nipping back to your hotel room after a long day sightseeing, and slipping into your own private hot tub. Whether it be high-end luxury hotels or romantic stays cosily tucked away – this city truly has an impressive array of accommodations offering this decadent amenity.

A treat to all senses, these spa hotels in London are not just renowned for their amazing locations but also serve as sanctuaries for big city life, making their charm even more! Imagine immersing yourself in a warm bubbling bath overlooking the epic urban skyline!

Sounds splendid, right?

Join me then on this journey as we delve into the crème de la crème of establishments that cheekily blend elegance and entertainment. Experiences guaranteed to pop bubbles of joy inside you will surely follow! Ready?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London

Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in LondonHotel Name
Best Luxury Hotel with Hot TubCorinthia London
Best Boutique Hotel with Hot TubHotel Café Royal
Best Sustainable Hotel with Hot TubSofitel London St James
Best Hotel with Hot Tub and River ViewCanary Riverside Plaza Hotel
Best Central Location Hotel with Hot TubLeonardo Royal London St Paul’s
Table: Hotels with Hot Tubs (Jacuzzis)

Unveiling London's Most Luxurious Hideaways: Indulge in Private Hot Tub Bliss at the Best Hotels I Know!

Corinthia London

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Westminster, London | 👉 View on

Corinthia London
Credit: Facebook / Corinthia London

Corinthia London is a luxurious hotel that marries 1885 charm with modern indulgence, located steps away from Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. It boasts sumptuous, air-conditioned rooms, marble-finished bathrooms, and Michelin-starred dining options. The crown jewel is its four-floor spa, featuring a range of treatment rooms, a private spa suite, and a Thermal Floor, complete with an indoor swimming pool and private sleep pods. Notably missing from this sanctuary is a private hot tub, but the thermal amenities offer a close second for relaxation.

My stay at Corinthia London was an experience of pure luxury. My room was more of an elegant suite, complete with air-conditioning, an iPod docking station, and a marble-finished bathroom that felt more like my personal sanctuary. Although there wasn't a private hot tub in my room, the Thermal Floor in the spa more than made up for it. After a day exploring London, sinking into the vitality pool felt like a warm embrace. I'd be lying if I said I didn't almost nod off in one of the marble-heated loungers – it's that serene. But the real showstopper? The amphitheatre sauna. Imagine relaxing as the warm, aromatic air dances around you, and you're peering out through the glass, watching the world go by. How often do you get to experience a sauna like this? What's your favourite way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing?

Time is of the essence, and Corinthia London is waiting with its blend of historic charm and modern luxury. Whether it's a spa day that beckons you or the promise of a Michelin-starred dinner under the London sky, this hotel is a ticket to an unforgettable experience. Dive into comfort at the Thermal Floor and let Corinthia’s world-class staff treat you like royalty. This is your opportunity to live and breathe the grandeur of London in a way you've never imagined before.

“Corinthia Hotel was a great base to see all the sights in London. Fantastic Hotel! 👌.” – Griffiths (Read More Reviews)

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences

⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10 | 📍 Location: Westminster, London | 👉 View on

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences is a luxurious 5-star sanctuary in the heart of Westminster. A stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and Mayfair, this hotel offers stunning suites with air conditioning, fully equipped kitchenettes, and plush living areas. Indulge in a pampering retreat with the in-house spa inspired by Indian wellness philosophies, and delight your palate at the Michelin-starred Quilon restaurant. The cherry on top? Private hot tubs that promise a soak fit for royalty, are nestled in the opulent surroundings of this historic and sumptuously designed property.

Walking into Taj 51 Buckingham Gate was like stepping into a realm of luxury and tranquillity. The minute I sank into the private hot tub in my suite, I knew this stay was going to be unforgettable. The bubbles danced on my skin, melting the day's fatigue away. Surrounded by elegant décor, I felt like London's royalty as I gazed out of my window, taking in the vibrant city yet revelling in my secluded oasis. The staff were phenomenal, anticipating my needs before I even knew what I wanted. One evening, I decided to have dinner at the Quilon, the in-house Michelin-starred restaurant; I was captivated by the delectable South-West coastal Indian cuisine. Who knew a hot tub could make a hotel room feel like a personal palace? What's your idea of the perfect unwind after a day in the city?

There's a reason Taj 51 Buckingham Gate has an exceptional rating—it's not just a stay; it's an experience that is woven with luxury, comfort, and that unmistakable touch of British elegance. Imagine ending your day of exploring London by sinking into a hot, bubbling private tub, with the city's grandeur just beyond your window. Why wait? Dive into the exquisite luxury that awaits you at this exceptional London residence.

“Luxury and impeccable service with a soul.” – Archana (Read More Reviews)

Hotel Cafe Royal

⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10 | 📍 Location: Regent Street, West End – Mayfair, London | 👉 View on

Hotel Cafe Royal
Credit: Facebook / Hotel Cafe Royal

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London, Hotel Cafe Royal is a luxury haven offering an extraordinary blend of grandeur and comfort. Located on Regent Street, it’s perfectly situated, flanked by Mayfair to the northwest and Soho to the south. With opulent rooms boasting modern amenities and a complimentary minibar for suites, every detail is catered for. Notably, the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre is a standout, featuring a lap pool, sauna, Hammam/steam room, spa treatments, and—crucially for our topic—an exquisite private hot tub, promising a tranquil escape from the bustling city streets.

Walking into Hotel Cafe Royal felt like stepping into a sanctuary; the warmth and grace of the place enveloped me instantly. My Deluxe Suite was more than just a room—it was an experience, with an impeccably designed bathroom that seemed to whisper relaxation. But it was the private hot tub that truly stole my heart. There I was, soaking in the warmth, the tension in my shoulders melting away, as the city’s iconic skyline glittered beyond the steamy windows. Sipping on a glass of complimentary champagne, with the bubbles in the tub echoing those in my glass, I thought, “Is this the most serene spot in all of London?” Each evening became a ritual, unwinding in that hot tub after a day of exploring the city’s nearby wonders like Buckingham Palace and Savile Row. I was living a dream; a blend of London’s vibrancy outside and sheer relaxation inside. That hot tub wasn’t just a feature; it was my nightly haven.

Imagine yourself submerged in the soothing bubbles of a private hot tub, your day’s worries dissolving, while the energetic life of London waits just outside your door. Hotel Cafe Royal isn’t just a place to stay; it's an experience that elevates your London journey into something truly magical. Now’s the time to treat yourself to this exceptional escape—because your perfect, rejuvenating London adventure is waiting for you at Hotel Cafe Royal.

“Location is excellent and what makes the stay more wholesome were the staff and their service!.” – Amir (Read More Reviews)

Bulgari Hotel London

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Knightsbridge, London | 👉 View on

Bulgari Hotel London
Credit: Facebook / Bulgari Hotel London

Indulge in pure luxury at the Bulgari Hotel London, situated in the prestigious heart of Knightsbridge. With its elegantly appointed rooms and suites, this hotel radiates Italian sophistication and English style. The real showstopper is the award-winning spa featuring an exquisite private hot tub that beckons for ultimate relaxation. Just steps away from Harrods, Hyde Park, and world-class dining, this is a top-tier London escape.

Walking into my suite at Bulgari Hotel London, I was immediately captivated. The room, a delightful blend of English charm and Italian finesse, was just the start. The highlight? The private hot tub in the spa. After a day of exploring Knightsbridge, I couldn't think of anything more perfect than sinking into the warm, bubbling waters of that hot tub. It was my nightly ritual – that serene moment amidst the vibrancy of London. The staff, as attentive as they are gracious, seemed to anticipate my every need. And the breakfast? A culinary trip from a Full English to an exquisite American selection, each bite better than the last. Do you have a favourite way to end a bustling day in a big city?

Time is ticking on a golden opportunity for ultimate relaxation at the heart of London. Imagine yourself unwinding in a private hot tub after a day of city exploration or sophisticated shopping, all while being cradled in the lap of luxury. The Bulgari Hotel London isn't just a place to stay; it's an experience that awaits – a tranquil oasis amidst the city's buzzing energy. Book your suite now, because a stay at the Bulgari Hotel London is more than a holiday; it's a memory in the making.

“Bulgari Hotel; an exceptional stay experience, in the heart of LONDON.” – Usama (Read More Reviews)

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10 | 📍 Location: City of London | 👉 View on

Indulge in luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, a stone’s throw from the iconic Tower of London. With elegant rooms featuring private marble bathrooms and breathtaking city views, this hotel is the epitome of opulence. While the property doesn't mention private hot tubs, its standout feature is a lavish spa designed for your relaxation and wellness. Paired with a Michelin-starred French restaurant and vibrant bar, it’s the ideal location for a chic city escape.

Staying at the Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square felt like stepping into a world of unparalleled luxury and comfort. The room was a haven of tranquillity, with its plush king bed, marble bathroom, and sweeping views of the city. Although there wasn't a private hot tub in my room, the spa was my personal sanctuary. It offered a soothing atmosphere that instantly melted my stresses away; every muscle in my body relaxed as I indulged in one of their signature treatments. The sauna became my daily ritual, warming me to my core after exploring chilly London. Oh, and the food? The gourmet French restaurant was an absolute revelation. Have you ever had a meal that, bite after bite, was like a harmonious symphony of flavours? That was this place for me. And to think, all of this is in the heart of one of the world’s most bustling cities. Is there anything more you’d ask for in a stay?

Imagine unwinding in a world-class spa after a day of exploring London’s historical sites, then treating yourself to a gourmet meal that delights every sense. At the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, this dream is your reality. Book your unforgettable stay now and immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and comfort that awaits you in the heart of London.

“We had an amazing time at Four Seasons, I booked this as a weekend trip for my husband’s Birthday. This hotel never disappoint me.” – Kamila (Read More Reviews)

Sofitel London St James

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Westminster Borough, London | 👉 View on

Sofitel London St James
Credit: Facebook / Sofitel London St James

Sofitel London St James, a five-star luxury retreat, sits proudly in London's iconic West End. Housed in a masterfully preserved Neoclassical building, this hotel combines British grandeur with French elegance. Though the hotel offers numerous lavish amenities, from a Michelin Star restaurant to a tranquil on-site spa, the missing cherry on top appears to be a private hot tub in the rooms – an addition that would make for an unbeatable escape amidst the city’s vibrant life.

Walking into my room at the Sofitel London St James, I was immediately struck by the blend of 1960s London inspiration with chic French design. The spacious room with its Sofitel MyBed was a cocoon of comfort that I looked forward to retreating to after my city explorations. The staff were warm and welcoming, and they made my stay feel very personalized. What I did wish for, however, was a private hot tub in my room to soak and unwind after long walks around Westminster. Can you imagine gazing at the London skyline while relaxing in a warm, bubbly hot tub? That’s the one touch that would elevate the experience to a perfect 10.

Imagine wrapping your day with a serene spa treatment, dining in a Michelin Star restaurant, and then retreating to a stylish, comfortable room that could potentially be even more heavenly with a private hot tub. This luxurious oasis is waiting in the heart of one of the world’s most bustling cities. Make Sofitel London St James your London home, and let it redefine your definition of urban luxury.

“Excellent stay, fabulous location!” – Mandar (Read More Reviews)

The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

⭐️ Rating: 9.0/10 | 📍 Location: Knightsbridge, London | 👉 View on

The Carlton Tower Jumeirah
Credit: Facebook / The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

Situated in the sophisticated district of Knightsbridge, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah stands as a luxurious 5-star hotel that exemplifies opulence and comfort. Just steps away from iconic attractions like Hyde Park and Harrods, the hotel boasts stunning views of the Cadogan Gardens and impeccable facilities, including a lavish spa, a 20-metre indoor pool, and a world-class gym. Although the rooms do not explicitly mention private hot tubs, they are adorned with cosy comforts, including plush beds and fine bathrobes, ensuring your stay is nothing short of exquisite.

Walking into The Carlton Tower Jumeirah felt like entering a world of refined elegance and serenity. My room, with its sumptuous bedding and tasteful decor, was my private sanctuary in the heart of bustling London. I was particularly enamoured with the Peak Fitness Club and Spa; it was here that I immersed myself in a realm of relaxation that seemed worlds away from the city's hustle. Can we talk about that 20-metre indoor pool? Floating in its tranquil waters, with the London skyline as my backdrop, was an almost surreal experience. The spa, with its sauna and steam room, felt like a rejuvenating hug for my soul. And breakfast? Served in a rooftop lounge with sweeping city views, it was an affair to remember. Did the friendly staff remember how I take my coffee after just one day? Indeed, they did. And let’s not forget the exclusive access to the enchanting Cadogan Gardens, a peaceful oasis where I sipped my morning tea amidst blooming flowers and lush greenery. It’s a secret garden fantasy comes to life!

Imagine yourself unwinding in a luxurious spa after a day of exploring the rich history and vibrant culture of London. Picture the bliss of drifting in a pristine pool, with one of the world’s most iconic cities unfolding around you. The Carlton Tower Jumeirah isn’t just a hotel; it's an unforgettable experience in one of London's most prestigious neighbourhoods. Make your next London trip extraordinary—reserve your stay at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah today and let this be the place where your cherished memories are crafted.

“Amazing especially staff services.” – Chioma (Read More Reviews)

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

⭐️ Rating: 9.1/10 | 📍 Location: Westminster Borough, London | 👉 View on

The Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane is a sanctuary of luxury in the heart of London, perched between Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens. This hotel doesn't just offer a place to stay; it offers an experience. With stunning city views and elegant designs in every room, this hotel elevates comfort and sophistication. Particularly notable is the decadent spa and wellness centre, where the private hot tub experience becomes your personal escape within the vibrant city, providing a serene and intimate setting for relaxation.

Walking into my room, the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning city view – a picturesque snapshot of London, from Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace Gardens. But the real gem of my stay was the spa and wellness centre. Oh, the hot tub! It was as if the tensions of the world melted away the second I dipped into that warm, bubbling water. Alone in that space, with the soft glow of ambient lighting, it felt like a secret corner of paradise designed just for me. The water was the perfect temperature, and the setting was pure luxury, encouraging deep relaxation after a day of exploring the city. And the staff – their warmth and attentiveness made me feel like royalty. One insider tip: schedule your hot tub session during the evening. Why? Imagine easing into a hot, soothing bath while the city lights begin to twinkle under the darkening sky. Sounds magical, right? It was.

Ready for the ultimate London indulgence? Imagine yourself unwinding in a private hot tub at the Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane, the world of London’s hustle and bustle softly echoing far below. It's not just a hotel stay; it's your personal retreat in the beating heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. Secure your own slice of serenity and experience what it means to truly relax in style. Hurry, because a hot tub in the middle of London with your name on it awaits. Book your escape now and let the Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane redefine your London experience.

“5 Star Hotel that lives up to its reputation!” – Jeffrey (Read More Reviews)

The Landmark London

⭐️ Rating: 8.9/10 | 📍 Location: Marylebone, London | 👉 View on

The Landmark London
Credit: Facebook / The Landmark London

The Landmark London, situated in the heart of fashionable Marylebone, is more than just a hotel – it’s an experience. With its stunning glass-roofed 8-story atrium, towering palm trees, and award-winning restaurant, it exudes opulence and sophistication. The luxuriously decorated rooms feature marble bathrooms and designer toiletries, ensuring guests are steeped in comfort. Although there is no mention of private hot tubs in the provided content, the hotel’s spa and wellness centre invites guests to unwind in a tranquil oasis within the bustling city.

Walking into The Landmark London felt like stepping into a different world. The first thing that struck me was the hotel’s jaw-dropping atrium; it was like having a tropical paradise right in the heart of London. The staff were beyond friendly and polite – they attended to every need with a genuine smile. One evening, after a day of exploring Marylebone, I booked a hot stone treatment at the Spa & Health Club. Oh, what a treat that was! Lying there, feeling the tension melt away, I was in absolute bliss. The room? It was spacious, air-conditioned, and the marble bathroom had me feeling like royalty. The cherry on top was the fabulous breakfast the next morning – fresh, flavorful, and the perfect start to the day. How often do you find such a sanctuary in the midst of a bustling city?

Imagine yourself relaxing under towering palm trees in a grand, light-filled atrium after a day of exploring London, or indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment that melts your stress away. The Landmark London is calling, and it’s the epitome of luxury in one of the world’s greatest cities. Your perfect, indulgent London escape is just a click away – why wouldn’t you want to experience this for yourself?

“Overall excellent. We have stayed at the Landmark many times and always been happy overall.” – Ronald (Read More Reviews)

Art'otel London Battersea Power Station, Powered by Radisson Hotels

⭐️ Rating: 8.8/10 | 📍 Location: Nine Elms, Wandsworth, London | 👉 View on

Set in the iconic surroundings of Battersea Power Station, Art'otel London Battersea Power Station offers an exceptional stay. With a chic restaurant, trendy café, relaxing sauna, and a world-class art gallery on-site, guests are immersed in a blend of luxury and culture. One of the standout features of this hotel is its 16th-floor rooftop pool and bar. Imagine yourself unwinding in a hot tub, set high above London, with a 360-degree view of the cityscape, including the majestic Houses of Parliament.

My stay at the Art'otel London Battersea was nothing short of spectacular. The moment I entered the stylish lobby, I was enveloped by a sense of exclusive luxury that persisted throughout my stay. The rooftop pool and bar were the crown jewels of my visit. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a hot tub that sits above London’s skyline, with the vibrant city life buzzing below. I felt like I was floating above the city as I sipped on a perfectly crafted cocktail, all while the sun dipped below the iconic silhouette of Battersea Power Station. Plus, the rooms? Pure comfort and modern design with a touch of elegance. The staff, always friendly and attentive, seemed genuinely committed to ensuring my stay was exceptional. Have you ever dreamt of watching the city lights twinkle from the warmth of a luxurious hot tub, high above London?

Don’t let this unique experience slip through your fingers. Book your stay at the Art'otel London Battersea Power Station and make your next trip to London unforgettable. Imagine closing your day with a soak in that rooftop hot tub, the stars overhead, and London’s iconic skyline as your evening backdrop. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that’s waiting just for you.

“Superb hotel. Swimming in the rooftop infinity pool was an experience not to be missed.” – Peter_andrews (Read More Reviews)

Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s

⭐️ Rating: 8.5/10 | 📍 Location: City of London | 👉 View on

Nestling beside the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s stands out with its blend of luxury and location. Beyond its striking facade, guests uncover a world of comfort – from the complimentary Prosecco upon arrival to the sumptuous indoor pool and rooftop views. Its unique appeal is crowned with a top-tier spa and wellness centre, ensuring every stay is steeped in relaxation and style.

During my stay at Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s, I felt like royalty. From the moment I stepped into the plush lobby, I was enveloped in an ambience of elegance. My room boasted a view of the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral, which took my breath away each morning. I spent my evenings unwinding in the rooftop bar, where the complimentary Prosecco sparkled as brightly as the city lights. The staff made sure every detail was perfect, and the full English breakfast? Simply divine. Did you get to try their signature spa treatment? I still dream of it!

Imagine starting your day with breathtaking views of St Paul’s Cathedral, then ending it with a soothing dip in a luxurious pool. This isn't just any stay; it's the Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s experience. Book now, and step into a world where every detail is tailored for an unforgettable London escape.

The hotel is close to St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Stock Exchange, One New Change shopping centre, and Shakespeare's Globe.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, business travellers, and those seeking a touch of luxury in the heart of London.

Available Facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Spa and wellness centre, Fitness centre, Restaurants, Bar.

Review from a Guest: “Amazing location, great choice of breakfast. Very close to the Tube station. The staff made our stay extra special.” – Jennie, United Kingdom

(Read More Reviews)

Montcalm East, Autograph Collection

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Shoreditch, London | 👉 View on

Montcalm East, an Autograph Collection hotel, captures the essence of Shoreditch's eclectic vibe, merging bohemian flair with Silicon Roundabout's tech innovation. This architectural gem, with its diagonal windows and city-slicker rooms, is a canvas showcasing the area's creative heartbeat. Amenities such as a spa, British-fare restaurant, and tech-savvy comforts create a luxe haven in the heart of London's trendiest quarter.

Nestling into the plush comfort of Montcalm East was like wrapping myself in the vibrant tapestry of Shoreditch itself. My room's floor-to-ceiling windows offered a panorama of London that brought the city's pulse to my doorstep. Waking up to the collage of street art-inspired décor, I felt connected to the artistic soul of the area. The local delicacies in the minibar were delightful touches of the East End, and the spa's serenity was a refreshing counterpoint to the urban buzz. It was a stay that resonated with the unique spirit of its location, leaving me invigorated and inspired.

You simply must see Montcalm East for yourself. Step into a world where London's creative heartbeat is echoed in every detail, from art-infused rooms to gastronomic delights. Discover the allure of Shoreditch through the lens of this exquisite hotel—don't let this vibrant experience pass you by!

The hotel is close to Old Street Underground, Kings Cross Railway Station, Liverpool Street, and Silicon Roundabout.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, business travellers, and creative souls seeking inspiration in London's eclectic heart.

Available Facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Spa and wellness centre, Fitness centre, Restaurant, Bar.

Review from a Guest: “The ambiance was captivating, with meticulous attention to comfort and style. A truly luxurious haven in the vibrant heart of Shoreditch.” – Maxine, United Kingdom.

(Read More Reviews)

Knightsbridge Emerald by Dena Elite Collection

⭐️ Rating: 9.4/10 | 📍 Location: London | 👉 View on

Emerging as a luxurious gem in the heart of London, the Knightsbridge Emerald by Dena Elite Collection is a testament to sophisticated accommodation. This holiday home isn't just a place to stay; it's a foray into elegance, with its intimate courtyard views, 5-star comforts, and a stone's throw proximity to Harrods. Indulge in the exclusivity of Knightsbridge, where the fineries of London are at your fingertips.

My visit to the Knightsbridge Emerald felt like slipping into a slice of London's elite life. The moment I saw the plush interiors and that inviting hot tub, I knew this was no ordinary stay. Mornings began with a luxurious soak, coffee from the Nespresso machine in hand, as I planned my day in the city's most exquisite quarter. The quiet street was a peaceful haven, yet just steps from the vivacious rhythm of London's high life. Who could forget the ease of being so close to landmarks like the V&A and having the comfort of a fully equipped kitchen to return to? It's a place that truly understands the delicate balance between sightseeing and sanctuary.

If you yearn for an experience wrapped in luxury, with a homely heartbeat, it's time to discover Knightsbridge Emerald. The rare blend of convenience and elegance will leave you captivated. Find out why it's not just a stay but an entry into London's exclusive lifestyle.

The hotel is close to Harrods, Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, and South Kensington Underground Station.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Luxury seekers and city explorers looking for an opulent home base in the centre of London.

Available Facilities: Free WiFi, Hot tub/Jacuzzi, Terrace, Non-smoking rooms, 24-hour front desk.

Review from a Guest: “The house is located in a very quiet central location, near several luxury boutiques and restaurants and most importantly near the underground station. Nespresso machine was a very nice add on.” – Mashael222, Saudi Arabia.

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St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel, London

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Westminster Borough, London | 👉 View on

Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of St. James' Court, a Taj Hotel, situated in the throbbing heart of London. Known for its exemplary service and royal neighbourhood, this hotel offers an experience steeped in luxury. It’s a haven of old-world charm and modern opulence, boasting the prestigious Michelin-starred Quilon restaurant, tranquil spa services, and sumptuous accommodations that promise an unforgettable stay, all just a stone’s throw from the capital’s cherished landmarks.

My visit to St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel, was nothing short of a fairytale set amidst the grandeur of London's history. The moment I entered, the blend of regal heritage and contemporary finesse was palpable. My room, a sanctuary of comfort with hypo-allergenic sheets and a Nespresso machine, was the perfect retreat after a day of exploring. Dining at Quilon, I savoured the Michelin-starred flavours that seemed to dance across my palate. Evenings in the Victorian Courtyard were a delicate touch of bliss, with cocktails under the stars. Have you ever felt like royalty just by walking through a hotel lobby?

You mustn’t just take my word for it; to walk the halls of St. James' Court is to walk through a slice of London’s opulent history. Whether you're sipping tea at Kona or unwinding in the J Wellness Circle, this hotel beckons with a promise of luxury that is too tempting to ignore. So why wait? Step into a world where every detail is crafted for an experience beyond compare.

The hotel is close to: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Mayfair

This hotel is an excellent choice for Luxury seekers and cultural enthusiasts

Available Facilities: Spa and wellness centre, Fitness centre, BBQ facilities

Review from a Guest: “Beautiful surroundings and rooms were lovely. Staff very friendly.” – Michelle, United Kingdom

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Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: London's West End | 👉 View on

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel boasts a unique confluence of edgy design and luxurious comfort right in the heart of London. With its rooftop garden bar opens around the clock, the in-house Wild Heart Restaurant, and an outdoor hot tub, it offers an unrivalled boutique experience. The hotel doesn't just promise a stay but an entrance to the pulsating rhythm of London's elite lifestyle.

My stay at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel was nothing short of extraordinary. The rooftop garden was a serene escape from the bustling streets of Soho below. Sipping cocktails under the starlit London sky, I couldn't help but feel I had discovered an urban oasis. The staff's attentiveness made dining at the Wild Heart Restaurant feel like a private event and sinking into the plush bedding of my uniquely styled room, I realised the city's rhythm had become a lullaby. The outdoor hot tub? A soothing finale to days spent exploring the West End.

Discover the eclectic luxury of Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel and indulge in a retreat that speaks to the soul of London. Between the comfort of the rooms and the vibrancy of the rooftop, you'll find the essence of the city distilled into a single address. It's an experience not to be overlooked.

The hotel is close to Oxford Street shops, Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, and Hyde Park.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Culture enthusiasts and luxury seekers.

Available Facilities: Rooftop bar, Outdoor hot tub, Cinema.

Review from a Guest: “The staff at the restaurant/bar were very attentive the whole time we were there for breakfast.” – Nabila, United Kingdom.

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The Rembrandt

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Knightsbridge, London | 👉 View on

The Rembrandt
Credit: Facebook / The Rembrandt

Set within the heart of Knightsbridge, The Rembrandt is a treasure for those seeking Edwardian elegance intertwined with modern comfort. With its free Wi-Fi, stylish rooms, and direct opposition to the iconic V&A Museum, this 4-star establishment excels in providing a quintessentially British experience with a contemporary touch, epitomised by its indulgent spa baths and interactive TVs.

Having stayed at The Rembrandt, it's like stepping back into a more genteel era but with all the mod cons at your fingertips. The elegance of the Edwardian architecture set the stage for a stay that felt both grand and intimate. I was charmed by the friendly staff who always greeted me with a smile — Mo and Scot's recommendations were spot on! My room was a delightful haven, the bed inviting after long days exploring London's vibrance. And the Palette restaurant? Simply divine. Did you manage to try the chef's special during your visit?

Before you know it, another traveller will be sipping a cocktail at the 1606 lounge bar, soaking in the ambient history The Rembrandt has to offer. Don't let them have all the fun; treat yourself to the fusion of luxury and history that only this hotel can provide.

The hotel is close to V&A Museum, Harrods, Hyde Park

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, museum enthusiasts, and luxury shoppers

Available Facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Fitness centre, Restaurant, Bar, Spa

Review from a Guest: “Location was excellent and breakfast was very well laid out and stocked. The stay was for a wedding anniversary and the hotel marked this with balloons and confetti in our room which was a lovely touch.” – Mark, United Kingdom

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The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: London | 👉 View on

The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences in London is a beacon of sophistication, with its eye-catching rooms, suites, and apartments offering a window into luxury living. Boasting an exemplary spa, first-class dining with a focus on local produce, and a fitness centre, it's a haven of tranquillity amidst the city bustle. Its unique offering of a warm, family-like service coupled with its prestigious location by Green Park creates an unrivalled, exclusive experience.

Imagine a London visit wrapped in the splendour of luxurious living, that's my story at The Athenaeum. Waking up to views of Green Park, I felt like royalty. The suite was sumptuous, with floor-to-ceiling windows ushering in the morning light. Delightful meals at 116 left me yearning for just one more bite of their locally sourced fare. The attentiveness of the staff impressed me most; they truly knew how to make a guest feel special. Was it the spa that melted away the city stress, or the room's allure? Hard to say, but this gem left me pampered and eager for more.

Envision indulgence at every turn and a retreat that captures the essence of London's charm. The Athenaeum awaits to envelop you in luxury that's simply a class apart. Don't let just my words sway you; feel the embrace of their exclusive hospitality for yourself.

The hotel is close to: Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, and the theatres of the West End.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, families, and business travellers seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience in the heart of London.

Available Facilities: Boutique spa, fitness centre, British restaurant, private parking, free WiFi.

Review from a Guest: “The staff are very friendly and helpful. Location is great and rooms are neat and tidy as well as comfortable.” – Sir, United Kingdom.

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Leonardo Royal Hotel London City – Tower of London

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The Leonardo Royal Hotel London City – Tower of London is a gem in the heart of historic London. It’s a luxurious retreat that stands out with its 25-metre swimming pool, extensive spa facilities, and three vibrant restaurants. Just a stone's throw from the Tower Hill Tube Station, this 4-star hotel wraps modern comfort in classical elegance, offering guests an indulgent stay with an iconic backdrop.

My visit to the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City was truly remarkable. Gazing out at the Tower of London, I revelled in the rich history enveloping this contemporary sanctuary. The staff, particularly attentive and warm, enhanced the experience, ensuring my every need was met with a smile. The spacious indoor swimming pool was a serene escape from the bustling city life. I enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast with the view of London's skyline, a delightful start to the day. The convenience of location meant I could weave in and out of the city's tapestry with ease. Did you also find the travel connections just as convenient?

To truly absorb the essence of London with a touch of luxury, you must visit the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City. Imagine starting your day with a swim overlooking the ancient stones of the Tower of London and ending it with a cocktail in a bar steeped in modern sophistication. This isn't just a stay; it's a slice of London life waiting for you to join in.

The hotel is close to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and St. Paul's Cathedral.

This hotel is an excellent choice for history enthusiasts, business travellers, and anyone seeking a luxury stay in the heart of London.

Available Facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Spa and wellness centre, Fitness centre, Onsite bars and restaurants, Free WiFi.

Review from a Guest: “A truly fabulous hotel with an atmosphere that makes you feel special. Free water, fruit, and sweets at reception were a lovely touch. Staff went above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay.” – Huw, United Kingdom

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London

In my experience, the best hotels with private hot tubs in London encapsulate a mirror-like reflection of luxury and relaxation. It’s quite bewitching how these establishments recreate spa-like magic right within your room.

Whether it's sizzling romantic stays in London or desiring superior comfort after exploring the city, I must say you're bound for an unparalleled treat! From their soothing waters to luxurious accommodation spaces; every element fuses splendidly to create unforgettable memories.

Yours truly hopes you savour each moment as much as I relish sharing this exclusive insight about whirlpool haven amidst the classic British charm that is London.

FAQs about Best Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London

What Are the Top Luxury Hotels in London with Private Hot Tubs?

When it comes to luxury and relaxation, nothing beats having a private hot tub in your hotel room. In London, some of the top hotels that offer this lavish amenity include the Corinthia London, Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, and the Bulgari Hotel London. They are located in prominent areas like Westminster Borough and Knightsbridge, providing not just comfort but also fantastic views of the city.

How Can I Find a Sustainable Hotel in London with a Hot Tub?

To make your stay in London more eco-friendly, look for properties with a “Travel Sustainable” level mentioned. For instance, the Hotel Cafe Royal holds a Travel Sustainable Level 3+ accreditation. This ensures that the hotel takes meaningful steps towards sustainability while also providing luxurious amenities like private hot tubs.

Which Central London Hotels with Jacuzzis are Close to Major Attractions?

In Central London, the Sofitel London St James is an excellent option. It is located in London’s West End and is set in a beautifully preserved Neoclassical building. This five-star hotel is near major attractions like Buckingham Palace, making it a prime location for tourists.

Are There 5-Star Hotels in London Offering Private Hot Tubs and Fitness Centres?

Yes, several 5-star hotels in London, such as the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square and the Bulgari Hotel London, offer both private hot tubs and state-of-the-art fitness centres. These establishments allow you to relax in style and keep up with your fitness routine while enjoying the comfort of a luxurious environment.

Can I Find a Hotel with a Private Hot Tub in London’s Trendy Neighbourhoods?

Certainly! For a trendy and vibrant stay, consider booking a room at the art'otel London Battersea Power Station, Powered by Radisson Hotels, located in the lively Wandsworth area. This hotel not only offers private hot tubs but also features an art gallery, showcasing the hotel's unique and contemporary vibe.

How Can I Find Hotels with Accessible Rooms and Private Hot Tubs in London?

To ensure your stay is comfortable and accessible, look for properties that mention “Entire unit wheelchair accessible” under Room Accessibility. For example, the Sofitel London St James offers accessible rooms with luxurious amenities, including private hot tubs.

What Are Some Romantic Hotels with Private Hot Tubs in London for Couples?

For a romantic and unforgettable stay, consider the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences. Located in Westminster Borough, a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, it offers intimate and luxurious suites with private hot tubs – perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway in the heart of London.

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