Best Hotels in London Southbank 2023

Amelia Dyer
Best Hotels in London Southbank

Planning a grand trip to London Southbank? Now, where on earth should you lay your head after exploring the wondrous sights this vibrant area has to offer?

Look no further, my friend! You're in for pure luxury and relaxation with our top-rated selection of the best hotels in London Southbank. Whether it's an ultra-chic boutique hotel cuddled up next to the River Thames or a family-friendly spot round the corner from Tate Modern; we've got you covered!

It's true – staying along the iconic South Bank doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket either. There are oodles of budget-friendly options nestled amidst trendy hotspots, like the National Theatre. I'm talkin' river views that'll leave you gobsmacked right from your bedroom window.

From waterfront masterpieces providing perfect vistas over Big Ben to those cocooned away for more tranquil outings – there’s something for everyone when bedding down here…So tell me fellow traveller, which one will be yours?

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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels in London Southbank

Best Hotels in London SouthbankHotel Name
Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in London SouthbankBrick lane stay
Best Sustainable Travel Hotel in London SouthbankHart Shoreditch Hotel London, Curio Collection by Hilton
Best Luxury Experience in London SouthbankClaridge's
Best Hotel for Location in London SouthbankNo.5 Maddox Street
Best Hotel with Fabulous Reviews in London SouthbankOne Hundred Shoreditch
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The Ultimate Guide to Exquisite Hotels in London Southbank – Unveil the Luxe Retreats and Breathtaking Views That Will Leave You Awestruck!

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Hackney, London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Stepping into the vibrant heart of London, the Hart Shoreditch Hotel, part of the esteemed Curio Collection by Hilton, presents a haven of luxury and comfort. Known for its impeccable service and splendid amenities, it boasts air-conditioned rooms adorned with contemporary furnishings, not forgetting its free WiFi and delightful breakfast options. Nestled a stone's throw away from the bustling Southbank area, this hotel embodies the epitome of a lavish stay in the city's pulsating hub.

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon this hidden jewel during my recent London adventure. Every moment at the Hart Shoreditch felt like a dream, with its tastefully designed rooms offering a cocoon of luxury and tranquillity amidst the bustling London streets. From savouring the delectable Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes at the on-site restaurant to enjoying leisurely bike rides on the complimentary bikes, my stay was nothing short of magical. And the location? Absolutely perfect for soaking in the vibrant culture and energy of London's Southbank. I even found myself engaging in delightful conversations with the friendly staff, who made sure every part of my stay was unforgettable. You won't believe the variety of breakfast options available, each morning was a delightful surprise! Do you think you could resist a place that offers so much comfort and luxury?

You really ought to check this place out for yourself; the experience is nothing short of spectacular! Just imagine, relaxing in a chic room after a vibrant day exploring the buzzing Southbank, with London's best attractions just minutes away. Trust me, a stay at the Hart Shoreditch Hotel will leave you planning your next visit before you even leave!

The hotel is close to: Brick Lane, Liverpool Street Underground Station, Sky Garden

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples looking for a romantic getaway, Food enthusiasts eager to explore London's culinary scene, Individuals seeking a luxurious yet sustainable stay.

Available Facilities: Free WiFi, 24-hour front desk, Fitness centre, Room service, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant.

Review from a Guest: “On checking-in we were given the warmest welcome we have ever received from Nerea Justo. Our request for joining rooms when making the booking was met to our total satisfaction.” – Lee, United Kingdom.

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Claridge's, London

⭐️ Rating: 9.6/10 | πŸ“ Location: Mayfair, London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Claridge's, London
Credit: Facebook / Claridge's, London

Nestled in the prestigious neighbourhood of Mayfair, Claridge's represents the pinnacle of luxurious London living. This 5-star hotel is known for its unparalleled service, sumptuous rooms, and state-of-the-art facilities including a modern gym and spa. Step into a world of glamour and elegance, where every detail is finely crafted to offer a stay nothing short of extraordinary. Experience the epitome of luxury in the heart of London at Claridge's.

Oh, I just can't keep this to myself! During my recent visit to Claridge's, I was completely smitten by the stunning Art Deco surroundings and the vibrant 1930s themed Fumoir. Picture me sipping on a uniquely crafted cocktail here, it was like stepping back in time! The afternoon tea? Simply divine! With over 50 varieties of tea and an array of classic pastries, it was an afternoon of pure indulgence. And the room – it felt like my own personal sanctuary with a marble bathroom and exquisite courtyard views. I even treated myself to a rejuvenating spa session, which was just the cherry on top of an already perfect stay. Oh, and did I mention the heavenly bed? It gave me the sweetest dreams. I bet you'd love to experience this too, wouldn't you?

Don't just take my word for it, experience the grandeur and elegance of Claridge's for yourself. You simply cannot miss the chance to indulge in a lavish stay that promises not just comfort but an unforgettable experience. Hurry, an adventure of luxury and sophistication awaits you at Claridge's!

The hotel is close to: Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Bond Street (for a shopping spree), and a plethora of iconic London attractions, all within a short walk.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples seeking a romantic getaway, luxury enthusiasts, and travellers wanting to explore the vibrant life of central London.

Available Facilities: Spa and beauty therapies, modern gym on the 6th floor, unique Fumoir bar with '30s-inspired cocktails, grand foyer serving afternoon tea, and rooms equipped with luxury amenities including free WiFi.

Review from a Guest: “The new spa was truly spectacular and well exceeded our expectations.” – Abigail, United Kingdom

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Sun Street Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.9/10 | πŸ“ Location: London City Centre | πŸ‘‰ View on

Sun Street Hotel
Credit: Facebook / Sun Street Hotel

Step into the lavish Sun Street Hotel, a real gem in the pulsating heart of London. Within a stone's throw from the Liverpool Street Underground Station, this 5-star haven boasts exceptional concierge services, allergy-free rooms, and top-notch amenities, making it a splendid choice in the vibrant London Southbank area. Embark on a luxurious retreat with splendid decor, an array of dining options, and that eagerly sought after cosy ambiance.

I couldn't believe how swiftly I fell in love with Sun Street Hotel during my recent visit! Every nook and cranny echoed luxury and comfort. My room, a sanctuary of relaxation, had the most delightful blackout blinds – I could enjoy serene slumbers without a hint of the bustling city seeping in. The morning greeted me with a versatile breakfast offering both Full English and vegan options, truly a delight for someone who enjoys starting the day with a hearty meal. Oh, did I mention the sun terrace? A perfect spot to soak in the vibrant city vibes with a cup of fresh coffee. I can't wait to hear, did you find the sun terrace as charming as I did?

Don't just take my word for it, experience the grandeur of Sun Street Hotel yourself. Dive into the rich atmosphere and unparalleled comfort that await you. Trust me, a stay here is nothing short of magical, setting a new standard for your trips to London Southbank.

The hotel is close to: Liverpool Street Underground Station, Sky Garden, St. Paul's Cathedral.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples, business travellers, and luxury seekers.

Available Facilities: Free WiFi, 24-hour front desk, on-site restaurant and bar.

Review from a Guest: “The hotel was superb in all ways. Clean, superb decor. Bedroom was spacious and had all the amenities you could ask for. Also loved the black out blinds behind the shutters, which made for a perfect night's sleep.” – Charlotte, United Kingdom.

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The Langham London

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | πŸ“ Location: Regent Street, Westminster Borough, London | πŸ‘‰ View on

Discover an oasis of luxury at The Langham London, where history meets contemporary opulence. This prestigious hotel, established in 1865, has been the pinnacle of luxury for over a century. Standing gracefully at the top of Regent Street, it invites you to indulge in a glamourous experience with award-winning bars and restaurants, and lavish rooms that promise an unforgettable stay. Ideally located a mere stone’s throw away from the vibrant Southbank area, it presents a perfect blend of convenience and grandeur, making it a top choice for visitors exploring the heart of London.

Oh, the charm that The Langham London exudes is unparalleled! You wouldn't believe the sensational experience I had during my stay here. Let me take you through it. Imagine sipping on a delightful cocktail at the renowned Artesian bar, where every drink tells a story. I remember wandering through the illustrious corridors that echoed tales of the grandeur that has graced these halls; it was like stepping into a piece of living history.

During my stay, I found tranquillity in the Chuan Body + Soul Spa, a sanctuary that promised rejuvenation amidst the bustling city life. Not to mention, the close proximity to the Southbank allowed for spontaneous evening strolls along the riverside, with the dazzling lights of the London Eye in the backdrop. Trust me, it was as picturesque as a postcard! What do you think? Sounds like the perfect getaway, right?

Oh, and you simply cannot miss experiencing this luxurious haven for yourself! Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and grandeur, right in the heart of London’s bustling Southbank. Take a leap and treat yourself to a stay at The Langham London, where every moment promises an experience etched in luxury and history. Don’t hesitate, the majestic Langham awaits to sweep you off your feet!

The hotel is close to: The British Museum, The London Eye, Oxford Circus, and numerous shops,theatres, and restaurants.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples seeking a romantic getaway, history enthusiasts, and luxury seekers.

Available Facilities: Award-winning bars and restaurants, Chuan Body + Soul Spa and Health Club, indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, spa facilities.

Review from a Guest: “Friendliness of employees, amazing location and beautiful room” – Jade, Vanuatu.

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Redchurch Townhouse, London

⭐️ Rating: 9.4/10 | πŸ“ Location: London Southbank | πŸ‘‰ View on

Redchurch Townhouse, London
Credit: Facebook / Redchurch Townhouse, London

Embark on a luxurious escape at the Redchurch Townhouse in the vibrant heart of London Southbank. Boasting an excellent location score of 9.5, this chic hotel stands as a beacon of opulence and comfort, offering guests a tantalising array of facilities including a well-stocked minibar and an on-site restaurant that caters to every palate. Meticulous attention to detail in its interior design coupled with sustainable initiatives, makes it a leading choice for travellers seeking the pinnacle of modern accommodation.

Staying at the Redchurch Townhouse felt like stepping into a haven of luxury and style. During my stay, I couldn't help but marvel at the sophisticated decor that perfectly blended modernity with a cosy ambiance. The continental breakfast was a feast fit for royalty, offering a wide array of delectable options that catered to every preference. I also had the chance to indulge in the Italian cuisine at the on-site restaurant, which was nothing short of exquisite. But what truly set this experience apart was the friendly and attentive staff who went above and beyond to ensure my stay was nothing short of spectacular. Can you imagine enjoying a fine glass of wine in your soundproof room, as the vibrant energy of London Southbank hummed outside your window?

Don't just take my word for it, make sure to carve out time in your schedule to experience the splendour of Redchurch Townhouse for yourself! This is your golden ticket to enjoy a luxurious stay that promises not only comfort but a chance to be pampered like royalty. Don't wait too long; a marvellous experience awaits you at this top-notch establishment in London Southbank.

The hotel is close to: Tower Bridge, Sky Garden, St Paul's Cathedral, and Borough Market.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples seeking a luxurious getaway, travellers keen on exploring London's Southbank, and fans of sustainable tourism.

Available Facilities: In-house restaurant (with gluten-free options), 24-hour front desk, soundproof rooms, concierge service, fitness centre access.

Review from a Guest: “Friendly attentive staff who did what they could to make your stay memorable. Fantastic interior design and attention to detail.” – Jodie, United Kingdom.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels in London Southbank

By golly, the adventure that awaits you in the Best Hotels in London Southbank is an experience not to be missed! These luxury accommodations in the Southbank offer more than just a place to rest; each top-rated hotel near the London Eye or trendy spot in the South Bank area has its unique charm. Imagine waking up in waterfront hotels or boutique hotels on the Thames with views of River Thames and Big Benβ€”it's nothing short of magic! Take advantage of budget-friendly options for family-friendly stays near Tate Modern or popular accommodations by the National Theatre. So, here's me hoping you will uncover your own gems during a stay at these delightful placesβ€”creating cherishable British memories as I have!

FAQs about Best Hotels in London Southbank

Which Hotels Offer Sustainable Travel Options in London Southbank?

I've noticed that a growing number of hotels in the Southbank region are adopting sustainable practices to offer environmentally-friendly accommodation options. Many establishments in the area have implemented various levels of sustainable features, which you can often identify by their “Travel Sustainable Level”. It is always a great idea to check the property's sustainable level mentioned in their description, which usually ranges from level 1 to level 3+, indicating the extent of their sustainable practices.

How Can I Find a Hotel with Specific Amenities in Southbank?

From my personal experience, I find it quite straightforward to locate a hotel with specific amenities in the Southbank area. The majority of hotels list their facilities clearly, making it easier for you to find ones that suit your preferences. Look out for filters such as “Free WiFi,” “Restaurant,” or “Fitness Centre” which allow you to tailor your search according to your needs. Utilizing these filters effectively will assist you in pinpointing the perfect property for your stay.

Absolutely, you will find a plethora of hotels situated near popular landmarks in Southbank. When you browse through hotel listings, you can often see the distance from notable landmarks such as the London Eye or the Tower of London. Personally, I always make sure to choose a hotel that grants easy access to attractions, enhancing the overall convenience and enjoyment of my trip.

What Budget Options are Available for Hotels in Southbank?

In my exploration, I've found that the Southbank area offers a variety of accommodation options to fit different budgets. You can find hotels ranging from luxurious 5-star properties to budget-friendly options. To find a place within your budget, keep an eye on the “Your budget (per night)” filter, where you can set a range from Β£50 to Β£900+ to find a suitable match for your budget.

What are the Best Methods to Find Family-Friendly Hotels in Southbank?

When travelling with family, I prioritize finding hotels that cater to the needs of all age groups. From personal experience, I'd recommend utilizing the filters available to search for properties with amenities like “Family Rooms” or “Kitchen/Kitchenette”. This ensures a comfortable and convenient stay for both the adults and the little ones.

How Do I Find Hotels with Free Cancellation Policy in Southbank?

I often look for hotels offering a free cancellation policy to allow flexibility in my travel plans. From what I have observed, many hotels in Southbank offer this feature. You can easily find these hotels by applying the “Free Cancellation” filter during your search. This way, I can book with peace of mind, knowing that I can make changes if necessary without incurring additional charges.

Can I Find Accessible Hotels in Southbank for Guests with Disabilities?

Yes, finding hotels that cater to guests with disabilities is one of my top priorities when I plan my trip. Many hotels in the Southbank area offer accessible facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone. Use filters like “Entire unit wheelchair accessible” or “Toilet with grab rails” to find properties with the necessary features. I always ensure that the hotel I choose accommodates all guests, offering an inclusive and welcoming environment.

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πŸ‘‰ What's the Best Way to Get Around London and England?

By Bus or Car β€” For swift travel around London, the Tube and city buses are your best bet. If you fancy exploring England at your own pace, a rental car is a viable option. Companies like Discover Cars offer competitive deals. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ Where Can I Book a Place to Stay in London?

London caters to all accommodation preferences, whether luxury or cosiness. Try websites like, Expedia, and for hotels, or Airbnb and VRBO for a more homely feel. Always pay attention to reviews to make an informed choice. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ What are Essential Items to Pack for London, England?

London weather is known for its whimsy, so a versatile wardrobe is crucial. Key items include an umbrella, comfortable shoes, and a backpack for city outings. Don't overlook essentials like a travel pillow, noise-cancelling headphones, and a portable phone charger. (Read more)

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England uses Type G outlets, so it's a good idea to pack a Type G travel adapter to keep your devices charged. If you don't have one yet, Amazon offers a wide range of options. (Read more)

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πŸ‘‰ How Can I Get from the Airport to London City Centre?

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πŸ‘‰ Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink in London?

Yes β€” London's tap water is not only safe but also of high quality. If the taste doesn't suit you, a water filter bottle could be a helpful solution. (Read more)

πŸ‘‰ What Are Some Recommended Attractions in And Near London?

Must-visit attractions in London include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. For a panoramic view of the city, try the London Eye. Also consider day trips to nearby places like Bath, Oxford, or Cambridge. (Read more)

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