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Ready to journey where the Eastern and Western Hemispheres meet? Greenwich is your ticket to time travel and maritime adventures! This riverside neighbourhood has a unique place in history and boasts stunning views of London.

Greenwich is synonymous with history and discovery. It’s home to the iconic Royal Observatory, where you can literally stand on the Prime Meridian Line! Maritime heritage runs deep here – the Cutty Sark, a legendary tea clipper, and the National Maritime Museum offer a glimpse into the past.

I’m always drawn to the buzzing Greenwich Market, overflowing with handmade crafts and enticing food stalls. And let’s not forget Greenwich Park! Sweeping city vistas and rolling green hills make it a perfect escape from the bustle.

Do you want a Greenwich experience with a local’s touch? I’ll take you on a walk through history, share my favourite spots for breathtaking London views, and show you the best places for a traditional pub lunch. It’s time to explore a side of London where the past, present, and future intertwine!