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Best of Islington

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Fancy a stroll through Islington? It’s got that irresistible mix of trendy and traditional London vibes, you know?

I’ve fallen head over heels for Islington‘s quirky charm. From the bustle of Upper Street with its independent shops and buzzing cafes, to quiet strolls along the canal – this neighbourhood’s got something for everyone. You’ll find gorgeous Georgian architecture nestled alongside hip modern spots.

History buffs, I’m with you! Islington‘s past is fascinating – rebels, writers, you name it. Want a taste of the scene? The pubs are legendary – some have been around for centuries!

Foodies, this is your spot! I’m always finding incredible little restaurants tucked away on cobbled streets. And the markets? A treasure trove of flavours!

Want more? I’ve got you covered with all my Islington favourites. Stick around and let’s explore!