Fact-Checking Policy

At LondonScout, we believe that accuracy and responsibility are the building blocks of good journalism. We work hard to give our readers true, thoroughly researched, and impartial information. Our fact-checking process involves a few key steps to guarantee the trustworthiness and precision of our content.

Choosing and Checking Sources

We pull information from dependable sources, like respected media outlets, academic organizations, and specialist interviews. We do our best to use original sources wherever we can. Before we publish anything, we make sure the sources and their data are spot-on and trustworthy.

Double-Checking Facts

We double-check data and information using multiple sources and compare them to make sure they’re accurate and consistent. We fact-check things like statements, quotes, and stats by contacting experts in the topic, official organizations, and other relevant sources.

Editor Check-Up

All of our content gets looked over by our seasoned editors. They ensure the info is factual, the grammar is good, and everything is in line with our journalistic standards.

Perfect Headlines

We aim for our headlines to be 100% correct. Every news article on our site goes through a tough check before it’s published. Any rumours or insider news is marked so our readers know the difference between confirmed info and industry chatter that might interest them.

Fixes and Updates

We’re proud of our content’s accuracy, but if a mistake is spotted, we’ll correct it ASAP and be open about how big the error was. Any reader’s question will be thoroughly looked into and checked before we make a correction or give clarification. We update our content when needed to show new info or changes in the story.

Corrections & Updates Policy: https://www.londonscout.co.uk/corrections-updates-policy

Top-Notch Context

LondonScout offers top-tier context that helps explain why the news matters to you. Our writers and editors are industry pros and make sure every new article has the latest, most accurate, and all-important details. If we’re the original source, we stick to the basics of journalism.

Making Things Clear for Readers

We make techy terms and stats clear and easy for readers to understand. We can provide evidence against source documents if needed. We focus on research and staying objective, as well as making a clear argument. If we’re drawing a conclusion or a theory, we consider and include any relevant counterpoints. This helps us cover more bases and answer reader questions before they’re even asked.

For any questions, corrections, or update requests, please email ku.oc.tuocsnodnol@olleh.

By following these steps, we aim to give our readers accurate, up-to-date, and complete info that they can rely on.

How We Review: https://www.londonscout.co.uk/how-we-review