Meet the Scouts

Welcome to “Meet the Scouts” – your exclusive backstage pass to the dynamic personalities shaping LondonScout! Join us as we introduce you to our talented team of scouts, each with their unique expertise and boundless passion for uncovering the hidden gems of this enchanting city.

From Amelia Dyer, the seasoned hospitality pro, to Finlay Payne, our globe-trotting Chief Editor, and Jennifer Barton, the globe-trotting foodie, our scouts are on a relentless quest to bring you the best experiences London has to offer. Whether it’s the trendiest dining spots, cultural playgrounds, or thrilling fitness trails, they leave no stone unturned.

With Lauren Fraser’s insider’s insight into London’s artistic underbelly and Maddison O’Connor’s fact-checking finesse, our scouts deliver genuine conversations and expert reviews, ensuring you embark on unforgettable journeys, one establishment visit at a time.

And let’s not forget the flair for style and beauty from Melissa Herbert, the sports enthusiasm of Michael Ryan, and the ex-pub owner’s expertise of Rosie Cunningham – each scout adds their own touch to our vibrant LondonScout family.

So, fasten your seatbelts, embrace the enchanting city, and get ready to explore London like never before with our dedicated team of scouts by your side!

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Amelia, a seasoned pro in the hospitality sphere, spent 14 years cutting her teeth at top-tier venues across London. Now successfully forging an exciting new path as a trendsetter in the UK's dining scene; she spends her days canvasing Londons's bustling city streets to find hidden gems - be they quaint corner cafes, atmospheric bars or boutique hotels. Her passion for writing and reviewing allows her to expertly distil these experiences into insightful wordsmithery that navigates readers towards their next delightful pit-stop. She isn't just ticking boxes; she’s seeking out stories and sharing authentic encounters one establishment visit at a time!
Meet Finlay Payne, the globe-trotting Chief Editor of LondonScout. Hailing from Belfast, this relentless wayfarer has left no corner unexplored across the UK and Ireland in his ever-constant quest for local treasures. He's not just besotted by travel but an ardent admirer of home-grown businesses too! Before he wielded his pen at LondonScout, Finlay dabbled in politics and public service—an eclectic mix that only enriches his insightful articles today. With him around, it’s like discovering another side to your city through a trusted friend's eyes—always fresh, always exciting!
Jennifer Barton's life may be best described as one epic, a globe-trotting voyage! She's left her footprints in over 30 countries and counting. As an ardent foodie, she dives into bustling food markets of Asia or cozy little family-run eateries disguised as secrets in Europe. For Jenny, the experience alone isn't enough, though. Being hooked on unearthing untold stories behind traditional dishes makes each mouthful so thrilling for her. With due respect given to history and architecture alike, she ensures no tale veiled within iconic landmarks is left uncovered while stringing together unforgettable narratives. In short? She’s your ever-curious storyteller who combines travel with flavoursome adventures and fascinating histories.
A passionate performance enthusiast with a soft spot for the dramatic arts, let me introduce to you Lauren Fraser. With her roots firmly planted in theatre, she's got an insider’s insight into London's thriving artistic underbelly that is just as bustling and vibrant as the mainstream scene, if not more so! But it doesn't end at playhouses - museums, galleries and exhibitions are all part of Lauren's cultural playground. Whether they’re heralded masters of their craft or exciting up-and-comers flexing their creative muscles for the very first time. She has an eye and an evident flair for spotting hidden jewels – think underground theatres presenting off-the-wall performances and undiscovered art installations about to go big! It’s this knack that brings our beloved London’s less explored but equally enthralling side straight to your reading nook.
Meet Maddison, your reliable LondonScout fact-checker and scout par excellence. Championing Art,Healthcare, Education, and Travel as her main categories of interest provides an enriching dynamic to her exceptional skills. Brushed with a flair for trendsetting perspectives amid every review she pens – it's always genuine conversations over robotic jargon with Maddison! Comfortably ensconced in picturesque Reading alongside her husband and their two delightful children, she fuses everyday familial inspirations into the mix – ensuring encounters brimming with relatability and resonance. Dive into her reviews for insights that humanise businesses intertwined with trendy validation!
I'm Melissa Herbert. You know that friend who's your go-to guru when it comes to latest fashion buzzes or new skincare gem? Yep - That's me! An all-round lover of everything chic and stylish with ample knowledge packed into my brain that’s just bursting to share! From ultra-fresh styles gracing the runways around the world to celebrity get-ups turning heads at every red carpet event – my obsession knows no bounds. And let’s not forget city sidewalks are my everyday catwalk! Yet my passions don’t end there: Skincare is a BIG deal for me too; believe me when I say nothing beats fresh-looking skin radiating natural beauty. But style & glamour can take their toll so self-care & wellness are must-haves on our journey together ‒ after all aren’t we supposed to feel as great as we look? Welcome aboard – To where aesthetic meets holistic.
Michael, our man about town, lives and breathes sports like no other. When he's not covering the biggest events in sports – think marathons and triathlons - you'll find him pounding London's pavements for his next big athletic endeavour. An adventurer at heart, Michael immerses himself into every story he writes; whether it’s capturing a local community race or sharing inspirational tales of unyielding athletes. He thrives on unfolding their dedication and triumphs to motivate his readers while outlining the transformative power of physical fitness within any lifestyle setting. Beyond the sporting realm, Michael also loves trekking through London’s hidden fitness trail gems which offers both tranquility among this interesting city bustle. His distinctive trendsetter style ensures that when looking for motivation or just exploring health-conscious avenues around London's parks, trails and innovative 'fit' spaces- you got your fitness guru right here!
Rosie, a seasoned reviewer, is an ex-pub owner hailing from the heart of London. With her vast experience in running a popular watering hole and meticulous understanding of the pub/restaurant scene, she indeed justifies her knack for reviewing local businesses with effortless ease. Besides this, Rosie holds a particular penchant for photography – capturing moments that appreciate life's rich tapestry. Every element combines to make Rosie not just a veteran in business reviews but also quite the trendsetter!