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Michael Ryan

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Michael, our man about town, lives and breathes sports like no other. When he's not covering the biggest events in sports – think marathons and triathlons - you'll find him pounding London's pavements for his next big athletic endeavour. An adventurer at heart, Michael immerses himself into every story he writes; whether it’s capturing a local community race or sharing inspirational tales of unyielding athletes. He thrives on unfolding their dedication and triumphs to motivate his readers while outlining the transformative power of physical fitness within any lifestyle setting. Beyond the sporting realm, Michael also loves trekking through London’s hidden fitness trail gems which offers both tranquility among this interesting city bustle. His distinctive trendsetter style ensures that when looking for motivation or just exploring health-conscious avenues around London's parks, trails and innovative 'fit' spaces- you got your fitness guru right here!