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Best of City of London

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Ever wondered what lies beyond London’s famous landmarks? Get ready to unlock the secrets of the City of London – where the past and present collide in the most thrilling way!

Think of me as your guide to this extraordinary neighbourhood. I’ve spent countless hours getting lost (on purpose!) in the City’s maze of streets. You’ll find me sipping coffee in tucked-away cafes, marvelling at centuries-old architecture, and always getting distracted by the promise of a hidden adventure.

From towering financial giants to echoes of Roman footsteps, the City of London is full of surprises. You might stumble upon a quiet garden hidden within a modern skyscraper or discover a centuries-old pub nestled down a narrow lane. And the buzz of the streets? That’s pure City magic!

Ready to experience this vibrant mix of history and modern life? Let’s go! I’ll show you the must-see sights, my favourite secret spots, and prove the City of London is way more than just suits and briefcases.