Corrections & Updates Policy

At LondonScout, we aim to always give you correct and trustworthy information. But we know that mistakes can happen. When they do, we’re quick to fix them, and we’re open about our corrections.

Fixing Mistakes

If we spot a mistake in any of our content, we’ll fix it right away. We’ll clearly mark these corrections in the article, either at the start or end, with an update tag. We aim to ensure the corrected info is correct, relevant, and easy for you to find.

Keeping Content Fresh

Along with fixing errors, we keep our content current with the latest info. When new details come in, we’ll update our articles or content to give you the full picture. If there’s news about a topic we’ve covered, we may add links to new posts or update the existing content to reflect this. Small tweaks to improve clarity, style, or spelling won’t need an explicit update tag. If there’s major news about a topic within a week of our post, we may add an update to keep you in the loop.

Your Feedback Matters

Your thoughts and feedback are key in keeping our content accurate and top-notch. If you see any errors or think an update is needed, please email us at ku.oc.tuocsnodnol@olleh or use our contact form. We take our role as a reliable info source seriously, and we’re dedicated to addressing your concerns quickly and effectively.

Thank you for trusting LondonScout to keep you informed.

We’re committed to giving you accurate and current content to make your experience with us the best it can be.