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Best of Covent Garden

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Ever been to Covent Garden? It’s this incredible mix of historic charm and modern buzz that I just can’t get enough of! From the cobbled streets and the Piazza’s lively street performers, to world-class shopping and dining – this place has it all.

Think back to its market-town roots. You can still feel the echoes of those fruit and veg sellers among the shops and theatres. Personally, I always make a point to pop into the London Transport Museum – it’s fascinating! For a shopper like me, Covent Garden is a dream – designer boutiques, quirky shops you won’t find anywhere else… I can spend hours browsing.

Of course, with the Royal Opera House just around the corner, there’s always a touch of glamour in the air. My insider tip? Get tickets for a matinee performance, then wander down to the market for a bite to eat. Maybe grab a drink at a cosy pub, watch the world go by… that’s my perfect way to round off a Covent Garden day.

But Covent Garden isn’t just for visitors – it’s a fantastic place to live too! Besides all the amazing shops and entertainment, there are loads of useful services for locals – everything from fantastic independent grocers to dry cleaners and handy repair shops.

Covent Garden is one of those London neighbourhoods I could explore endlessly. There’s just so much going on, so many little side streets to wander down – you never know what gems you might stumble on! Have you got a favourite Covent Garden spot?